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    Total Computer Service

    Vladimir Jezdić Serbia, Beograd
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    youngculture d.o.o.

    Company Nebojsa Jovic Serbia, Belgrade
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    Company Branislav Djurkovic Serbia, Belgrade
    • Request


    • Offer

      eBusiness Solutions

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    Throne Solutions

    Company Nebojša Denčić Serbia, Beograd
    • Offer

      M2tech CNBS - backup solution

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    Vojvodina ICT Cluster

    Cluster Milan Solaja Serbia, Novi Sad
    • Offer & Request

      EU funds

    • Offer

      Access to multiple ICT services providers in Serbia

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    Outsourcing Center Serbia

    Company Andrija Bednarik Serbia, Belgrade
    • Offer

      Do you need new resources or technology partners?

    • Offer & Request

      Became member of OCS for free (Companies from Serbia only)

    • Offer & Request

      Submit your CV in our database (freelancers and engineers from Serbia only)

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    Company Bojan Mandic Serbia
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    SmartNet Technologies

    Company Saša Tančev Serbia, Niš
    • Offer

      Custom software development & Outsourcing co-operation

    • Offer

      On-line charting and reporting

    • Offer & Request

      Geolocation Marketing Solution

    • Offer & Request

      RealEstate and Property Management

    • Offer & Request

      Energy and Environmental Management

    • Offer & Request

      Social Network - Simple Solution for Group Management

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    Breza Software Engineering

    Lidija Djordjevic Serbia
    • Outsourcing possibilities

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    IRON TRUST d.o.o. Beograd

    Toma Bilić Serbia, Beograd
    • Offer

      Physical data storage

    • Offer

      Archival arrangement of documents

    • Offer

      Secured destruction of confidential documents

    • Offer

      Digital archiving

    • Offer

      Software system for archiving documents - eArchive

    • Offer

      DMS - I.M.A.C.S. - document management

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    Tehnicom Solutions

    Other Sinisa Medić Serbia, Belgrade
    • Offer

      Matchmaking Software TalkB2B

    • Offer

      Development of Android Applications

    • Offer

      iPhone and iPad application Development

    • Offer

      Web sites & applications, design and development

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    Company Dragan Majkic Serbia, Novi Sad
    • Offer

      Nearshore Outsourcing

    • Offer & Request

      International Cooperation

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    Smart d.o.o.

    Company Borka Mrsic Serbia, Novi Sad
    • Offer

      Software Development

    • Offer & Request

      Outsourcing services

    • Offer

      EU project cooperation

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    Lmb Soft

    Company Srdjan Jovanovic Serbia, Niš
    • Offer

      Outsourcing SW, HW, Mech or Production

    • Offer

      Hire a project development team

    • Offer

      Hire a product development team

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    Belit doo

    Company Marko Poznanović Serbia, Belgrade
    • Offer

      Outsourcing of IT services and tailor made software development

    • Offer & Request

      Partnership on EU funded projects

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    ICT Net

    Cluster Marina Blagojevic Serbia, Belgrade
    • Offer

      Matching supply and demand

    • Offer

      Organization of professional events

    • Offer

      Promotion of projects and fundraising

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    Zesium mobile d.o.o.

    Company Darko Milić Serbia, Novi Sad
    • System integration services - SW protocols, data acquisition, processing, distribution and presentat

    • Custom mobile solutions design and development services

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    Company Marko Cevizovic Serbia
    • SugarCRM Cisco Call Connector

    • NLM-Network Lifecycle Management Tool

    • Android, iPad and iPhone development

    • Outsourced software development

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    Vega IT Sourcing d.o.o.

    Company Sasa Popovic Serbia, Novi Sad
    • Long-term provider of software development services

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    Alma Mons

    Organizations Milica Vračarić Serbia, Novi Sad