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EPSILON is a Technology Resources Group since 1985. The Group specialises in the sectors of: (1) Space/Aerospace & Telecoms, (2) GIS & InfoSociety, (3) Environment & Civil Engineering, and (4) Management & Economics. The EPSILON Group offers worldwide services in: (i) engineering design, (ii) consulting, (iii) research & technology development (RTD), (iv) geodata & spatial database infrastructures (SDI), (v) high-tech products development, (vi) outsourcing, and (vii) training.
EPSILON was first established in the USA (1985); today it operates world-wide as a pure European Group and via independent companies located in Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Russia, linked to leading organisational offices in numerous European countries and operating in full synergy as one Organization. EPSILON provides services & expertise to governments, the private sector, to international lending organisations, and to the European Commission. The Group has strong associations with leading technology organizations as Teleatlas NV™ (BE), MairDumont™/Falk Geographischer Verlag GmbH (D), NavNGo Kft™ (HU), Elsacom Spa™ (I), ESRI™ GeoInformatik GmbH (D) and other.

Space/Aerospace & Telecoms: Expertise in space technologies, mobile- wifi- & satellite telecoms, aviation-technologies with an emphasis in GIS, and in earth observation with emphasis in remote sensing applications and GIS technologies in multiple sectors ranging from water resources, to environment and aviation. The Space/Aerospace & Telecoms section offers expertise in modelling, R&D, technical assistance, and a wide capacity of solutions to national and international agencies and organizations as: (i) Turn-key systems based on the integration of the three space components : satcom, navigation and earth observation; (ii) Management of technical & commercial agreements with satellite based service operators-providers, providing full support for marketing activities and pre- and post-sale technical assistance to the customers; (iii) Design of microwave systems and components for space and ground applications; (iv) Development of numerical electromagnetic models and software tools for the design of microwave systems and components; (v) Applications linked to Google Earth™, Microsoft Virtual Earth™, and ESRI ArcGlobe™ technologies, as supported by terrestrial systems and the Globalstar™ satellite telecoms related to ELSACOM™ technologies; (vi) Project on aviation for the civilian and military sectors, as cargo Operations, passenger operations, and airports. Products and modelling are offered to the space & telecoms sectors, civil aviation, civil protection & security, environment, and other.

GIS & InfoSociety: Services for the entire spectrum of SDI/GIS/IST technologies as geodata capturing & geo-statistics for INSPIRE/OGC geo-databases, geo-systems integration, geo-marketing products, and IST/ICT technologies. EPSILON utilises terrestrial video, mobile mapping, LIDAR, space lasers, remote sensing, aerial mapping and high resolution imaging & processing for its applications, ranging from environmental management to security and safety systems, to global monitoring, to a full range of surveying technologies, and industry applications as health systems. Products are developed for air-, land- and marine-navigation, fleet management, vessels tracking, non-ILS aircraft landing, LBS and other. IST/ICT systems applications are developed on state-of-technology or GRID computational systems for natural resources & environment management, water resources, disasters, transportation, geotechnics, geology, civil engineering CAD/CAM/GIS systems, health, e-cities, e-government, and most of the dominant info-society and information communication sectors, for any type of IST/ICT/SDI demands.

Environment & Civil Engineering: Services in most civil-environmental engineering & sciences sectors. Emphasis in water, nature, environment, health and quality of life; climate change; nature & biodiversity; marine & coastal environments; sustainable consumption & production including waste; drivers & statistics of environmental change; law & regulations; engineering of treatment technologies; transport & geology-geotechnics, and mathematical modelling of all types. Typical services: environmental impact assessments, environmental monitoring (water quality, groundwater, surface water, soil, bio-monitoring), wetlands and biotopes management plans, biodiversity, environmental awareness, climatology, hydrology, water resources; water use & standards (drinking, irrigation, bathing), irrigation & drainage, integrated coastal zone engineering & management, enviro-statistics, large national environmental information systems & databases, water engineering & SCADA technologies including distance surveyance & monitoring, GIS/remote sensing environment applications, mathematical modelling of all types (rivers, lakes, coastal- hydrodynamics- and water quality estimations), environmental policy & legislation, environmental and civil engineering economics, training, and other as transport and geotechnics supporting the core business services.

Management & Economics: Project management, techno-economics, market research, business planning, laws & regulations, R&D, technical assistance & research studies in: business management plans, business & geo-information statistics, regional & environmental economics, engineering projects-actions impact analyses, feasibility studies in support to engineering-sciences projects, marketing & long-term viability & sustainability analyses for business portals, space & telecoms marketing analyses.

Country: Greece

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 51-100

Founding Year: 1991

Phone: +302106898615


City: MAROUSI 15125,Monemvasias 27 Google map

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