Ivan Bozovic , Founder at Electronic Literature

Bilateral Meetings

  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (09:30 - 12.00)
  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (12:30 - 17.00)



- Create your own e-book micro pricing model
- Possible and profitable e-lending for all
- Interact with readers, publish and promote e-books
- Seamlessly organize, own and share e-books
- E-commerce and social networks integration
- Grow family e-book collection on-line
- Profiles for publishers, libraries, authors and readers

E-book pricing model for publishers: control pricing model without any restrictions.
E-book availability for readers: choose the way of gaining e-books.
Copyright for authors: monetize self published work on creative ways.
Largest possible e-book fund in libraries: ideal micro pricing model should provide access to any title at any number of copies.

Web platform should be globally used, multi lingual application, aiming for entire world’s e-book market.

Authors, publishers, librarians and readers will be our customers and partners, i.e. users of the web platform. They will be present from all layers of society and from rich to poorest countries.

Starting efforts should be aimed on creating foremost module for publishers, which will be foundation for all future platform services.
Initial use should interest smaller publishers the most, because there is no investment costs and they can start generate revenue instantly. Platform adoption by academic institutions worldwide, would boost membership numbers.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Other

Organization Size: 1-10

Phone: +381 64 129 31 75


City: Lazarevac 11550,Vojvode Stepe 51 Google map

Areas of Activities

ICT and Electrical Engineering

    Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media

      Programming Languages

        Offer & Request

        Partner for EU funding project

        Partner for Academic e-library project. Proposal would be submitted as BPN under this call:

        Keywords: ebook europeana academic e-library
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Investment/Financing
        2. Technical co-operation
        Cooperation Requested
        1. Investment/Financing
        2. Technical co-operation

        E-book micro pricing web platform

        Web platform should enable users from different customer groups to interact and create any micro pricing model they find appropriate.
        Value propositions will be tailored to individual user needs, but balanced to specific user’s relations.
        It will enable environment for creativity in e-book pricing models, distribution and sharing. Seamless and simple integration with existing publisher’s e-commerce systems should provide full control over e-book price and distribution.
        Incorporate best concepts, already present on several websites with very different focus, in one single solution.

        Keywords: e-bookmicro pricingpublishinglibrariesauthorsreaders
        Cooperation Requested
        1. Investment/Financing