Voislav Galić , CEO at Quiddita d.o.o. Beograd

Bilateral Meetings

  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (09:30 - 12.00)
  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (12:30 - 17.00)

Quiddita d.o.o. Beograd is company with primary interest in the area of information technologies with vision to come up with quality, always following the newest software development methodologies and technologies. The company was founded in 2007 in Belgrade, as a successor of the Agency for Software and Consulting QUIDDITA (founded in 2006 in Belgrade).

Company mission is to provide high quality software solutions and services with competitive prices for all-size businesses. The goal is to create long-term, both sides satisfactory partnership relations. QUIDDITA’s solutions enable enterprises to solve complex, mission-critical business problems and automate business functions, improving the business productivity.

Currently, company has 19 employees and 14 part-time experts. Development team consists of engineers with rich experience in the largest software projects in the country and abroad. Combining their profound knowledge, skills and technical expertise with capability of in-depth analysis QUIDDITA is able to successfully finish projects of any complexity. In order to keep up with the constantly changing IT technology QUIDDITA is constantly improving its productivity by incorporating new technologies and developing their own techniques and tools to improve software development process and quality of the products and services.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 11-25

Founding Year: 2007

Phone: +381113087007


City: Belgrade 11000,Vidska 25 Google map

Areas of Activities

ICT and Electrical Engineering



        Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media



              Business Services

                Insurance, Other Financial Services


                    Programming Languages

                      Civil Construction

                        Renewable Energy


                          Vehicle Maintenance Management System

                          Vehicle Maintenance Management System is a web based information system designed to support, facilitate and improve business of companies which maintain and service vehicles of their clients (auto repair shops, vehicle manufacturer service network) or maintain vehicles from their own fleets (transport companies, truck companies, large companies with large fleets), both if they do the maintenance and repairs themselves or they send them external repair shops. The system is fully tailored to business requirements for both of those groups, and as end result is the reduction in costs, increase in profit, greater vehicle availability and in turn, greater quality of end products and services. The solution supports daily business activities related to management of vehicle maintenance and enables managers to monitor all operations and analyze the reports prepared from the collected data.
                          The system supports all business processes in organizations which have needs to approach vehicle maintenance in a systematic manner, starting from administration of the vehicles and vehicle fleet (tracking changes to vehicle properties, vehicle procurement, handover and expenditure procedures) to actual vehicle maintenance processes and procedures (daily inspections, fleet technical reports, failure notifications, internal work orders for vehicles or assemblies, external work order for vehicles or assemblies, interventions, test drives, vehicle washing, technical inspections, service maintenance, tracking parts consumption etc.). Those processes can be fairly simple, or very complex, depending on the defined workflow which can be set for each document type, including defining the list of necessary states and state transitions, as well as required permission level.

                          Keywords: vehicle maintenancevehicle procurementvehicle handoverfleet technical reportswork ordersservice maintenancewebworkflow
                          Cooperation Offered
                          1. Outsourcing co-operation
                          2. Technical co-operation

                          Service Management System

                          Web based information system designed to support, facilitate and improve business of the manufacturers and their approved service organizations which provide technical support and services for products in wide area of industries. The solution is fully adapted to the business requirements of the manufacturers and approved service organizations, and as the end result it reduces costs, increases profit margins and quality of products and services. The solution supports daily business activities of service organizations and enables manufacturer to monitor their operations.

                          Keywords: service management systemweb
                          Cooperation Offered
                          1. Outsourcing co-operation
                          2. Technical co-operation

                          Contact Center

                          Quiddita offers complete contact centar solution fully tailored to the customer needs because it is designed individually for each customer by integration of selected functional modules. The solution is based on the Asterisk IP PBX platform which is adjusted and enhanced with new functionalities and modules (tailor made web reporting, agent applications etc) which all together make complete solution. Our solution is modular and scalable, so increasing its capacity or adding new functionalities is easy. From the point of integration with existing or legacy systems, different realizations are available depending on end customer IT infrastructure.

                          Keywords: contact centercall centeragent applicationweb reporting
                          Cooperation Offered
                          1. Outsourcing co-operation
                          2. Technical co-operation

                          Outsourcing and Tailor Made Software Development & Consulting

                          QUIDDITA is able to offer wide range of services in the area of information technologies:
                          - Business requirements analysis and consulting in process of inception, development and exploitation of the information systems.
                          - Design and implementation of the different kinds of information systems:
                          -- Custom software solutions completely following real-world requirements of the end users in situations when similar solution could not be found on the market
                          -- B2B (business to business) solutions
                          -- B2C (business to customer) portals
                          -- Corporative portals, Internet Web sites based on Content Management System (CMS)
                          -- Customer relationships management systems (CRM)
                          -- Document Management System (DMS)
                          - Modernization of the existing (legacy) systems, migration from legacy systems, linking and integration of these systems with modern information systems as custom B2C and B2B solutions.
                          - Permanent support and maintenance of the developed systems.
                          - Development of the parts or complete software projects through prearranged outsourcing model.

                          Keywords: software development.NETASP.NETMVCHTMLCSSjQueryWCFoutsourcingB2BB2CCRMDMS
                          Cooperation Offered
                          1. Technical co-operation
                          2. Outsourcing co-operation

                          Quality Assurance and Software Testing

                          Quiddita is company with vast and relevant experience in the fields of software development, consulting, project management and software testing and quality assurance. In the fields of software testing and quality assurance Quiddita has experience from testing company products and Quality Assurance (QA) team outsourcing. Experts from Quiddita have been engaged by software vendors and clients on the several projects in the capacity of QA and testing outsourcing. Their experience in the field has helped to create documents and procedures to control and manage the entire QA process.

                          Keywords: quality assurancesoftware testingautomated testing
                          Cooperation Offered
                          1. Technical co-operation
                          2. Outsourcing co-operation

                          EU Funded Projects

                          Keywords: EU
                          Cooperation Requested
                          1. Investment/Financing
                          2. Technical co-operation
                          Offer & Request

                          Cooperation & Partnership

                          Keywords: cooperationpartnership
                          Cooperation Offered
                          1. Outsourcing co-operation
                          2. Technical co-operation
                          Cooperation Requested
                          1. Technical co-operation
                          2. Investment/Financing