Ivan Dimov , Principal at mojPREF doo

Bilateral Meetings

  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (09:30 - 12.00)
  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (12:30 - 17.00)

Online card playing club, for skilled players, specific in game preferans (preferance/preferanzen), rapidly growing in ex-Yu region. No cash games, club and subscription variant available, over 1000 subscribers localy only, without marketing campaign, in 2 months...etc

Currently preparing for multilanguage global version.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10

Founding Year: 2012

Phone: +381 62 557170


City: Beograd 11000,Bul.Oslobodjenja 122 Google map

Areas of Activities

ICT and Electrical Engineering

    Social, cultural and sports actvities


      Investment for phase 2 - going global

      mojPREF need push-up for going global with good concept for passionate players for elite game like preferans (like bridge).

      Keywords: playing cards
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Investment/Financing