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Fonlider Ltd. was established in 1998 as one of the private companies operating in telecommunications. Besides the development of modern voice machines and complex solutions for contact centers, we built the regional leading position in the field of mobile Internet solutions.

Reliability, correctness, and commitment to clients are the foundations of our business policy. Over two hundred employees in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Germany with every day work we contribute to the creation and promotion of new technologies that enable clients to communicate easier with consumers, give comfort to end users and additional value to business life.

Careful recruitment and retention of only the most talented and most dedicated people helped us create a working environment where innovation, monitoring trends and setting new and higher standards of service are always there.

Striving for perfection in the work is not directed only to the organization but, above all, to the satisfaction of a client. There is no better advertising than a client who can confirm that we have really done what we promised that we would do. Today, we can proudly say that we cooperate with over four hundred partners and customers across Europe.

In addition to relying on our own solutions and technology, range and level of service we provide, we enhanced the cooperation with leading European companies such as Sytel Ltd, DTAG, MINDMATICS, TELEFORTE and others. Since 2010 Fonlider has become a general representative (for the Western Balkans) Sytel Softdial Contact Center, solution that is characterized by increasing the highest performances of outbound oriented contact centers.

Whether you need advice, totally new and unique solution, whether or not you have enough capacity and resources, we are here for you to create the right solution to your needs and enable you always to be up-to-date.

Let’s got to the future together.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 101-250

Phone: +381 11 2073 010


City: Belgrade 11000,Sime Igumanova 2-4 Google map

Areas of Activities

Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media

    Programming Languages

      Research and Development


        Development Team

        IT team makes the heart of our company. It is a group of people made of experienced
        individuals supported by talented young developers ready to respond to all the
        challenges set by the company or the market. For developing solutions they are using
        the latest utilities and technologies such as:
        Programming languages: C/C++, C#,
        Java, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, PHP, XML,
        (X)HTML, JavaScript (Ajax), Delphi,
        Developing tools: MS Visual Studio.Net,
        Eclipse, NetBeans, Borland Delphi, MS
        Team Foundation Server, TestComplete,
        Continuous build server (Luntbuild), Code
        quality inspection (Sonar)
        Frameworks: MS.Net Framework,
        Database System Management: Oracle,
        Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
        Operating Systems: Windows, Linux….
        We have vast experience in telecommunication especially in developing Voice and
        SMS services. We have also developed a significant number of complex Internet applications
        of which some include custom streaming.
        Taking part and backing the expansion of the market and the potential of new technologies,
        we invested significant amount of time and resources in developing Android applications.
        A large part of our products is working in real time with 24 hours constant load of over
        hundred thousands records. For some extreme situations that require such a support
        we developed solutions that can stand over 5000 records per second.

        Keywords: Development Teamprogrammingousourcingdevelopment
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation


        OneClick Android

        If you are searching for a solution to bring your creative idea to the mobile market
        OneClick Team is happy to provide cost-effective Android development. The OneClick
        Solutions has full-fledged Android development team, which utilizes the strengths of
        Android platform to launch robust, customized and engaging mobile apps. Our
        Android developers bring in the desktop effect to your mobile phone applications so
        that you get a delightful user experience and make your money go further. OneClick
        developers have the requisite Android development expertise to create a wide range
        of Android based custom mobile apps for you, which adds value to your business and
        increase your customer base.

        Android development services:

        Android Application Development
        Android Software Development
        Android Game Development
        Android Web Development
        Android Tablet Application Development
        In App Billing
        Mobile streaming

        Keywords: Android
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation

        Mobile Solutions

        OneClick Mobile payments
        Following the cutting edge of technology, Fonlider has become one of the leading
        companies in Balkan region that can provide you to make payment via mobile phone

        Mobile portals (all devices)
        Specially designed applications
        (Android, Windows, iPhone)



        Flexible sales models can provide you to open a new way of payment
        without big investments in very short notice.

        OneClick Mobile Apps

        Since its appearance on the market, smartphone has become a substitution for
        computer, it has become way of paying, video device, channel to social networks and
        a personalized tool for advertising.
        Depending on a target or internal needs our team can create you customized
        solutions that can satisfy all your needs.

        Keywords: MobileSolutionsSMSMobile AppsMobile payments
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation

        Internet development

        Web Sites

        Technology is in the heart of everything we do. We have a great team which combines
        digital architects with digital engineers. This blend gives us the unique ability to
        conceptualize great ideas and to execute campaigns for our clients incorporating full
        campaign management, reporting, data analysis and interpretation.
        Website programming and development
        Web design
        Content management system CMS
        Search engine optimization (SEO)
        Usability standards
        Improving the online user experience
        Internet marketing
        Social media applications programming
        Branding and corporate identity
        Web hosting
        OneClick Web Team’s goal is a professional
        development of web sites that
        are easy to find and frequently visited.
        Our websites do not only fulfill professional
        web standards (HTML, CSS,
        WAI...), but they are also characterized
        by an attractive web design and the
        latest functionalities, as well as the
        simplicity and clarity in their viewing.

        Features and benefits
        Website programming and development
        Web design
        Content management system CMS
        Search engine optimization (SEO)
        Usability standards
        Improving the online user experience
        Internet marketing
        Social media applications programming
        Branding and corporate identity
        Web hosting
        E – Shops
        We combine extensive knowledge of online retail with technical expertise to create
        unique, reliable, scalable and often complex tailored ecommerce solutions. OneClick
        E-Shop minimizes operating expenses and offers higher efficiency, while maintaining
        uninterrupted service. OneClick Web-Shop is a complex and flexible application that
        fulfills even the most demanding requirements allowing well-arranged shopping with
        intuitive orientation.

        Features and benefits:
        Atractive Design
        Backend Functionality
        Frontend Functionality
        Product Functionality
        Multiple Payment Functionality
        Shipping Functionality
        Tax Functionality

        Fonlider has a great deal of experience in the areas of video and audio streaming. We
        can provide streaming hosting services as well as converting or encoding your audio
        and video files to Flash Video or Windows Media Video streaming formats.
        The diversity of our services goes from the provision of the streaming service, to the
        onsite setup of the streaming hardware. As part of the process, we can also evaluate
        different options for cameras, PCs and streaming media server technology to determine
        which will be most suitable to meet your requirements.

        Technical features:

        The last generation of audio/video servers
        Various bit –rate signal streaming (148kb/s, 282 kb/s ...)
        Appropriate IP address space
        24 hours control and surveillance on server
        Statistics on monitoring your programs
        24/7 technical support
        Conference calls

        Keywords: Internet developmentweb sitese-shopsstreaming
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation

        Contact Center Solution

        OneClick Contact Center Solution is a safe and flexible software for VoIP and media
        managing that provides quality work in the field of telemarketing, customer service,
        market research, data collection and others. A central component of managing and
        dialing (as well as other components including scripting, call recording, IVR, and
        others) can be placed on-site or can be delivered as services over the web.

        Open architecture for integration
        Support for incoming and outgoing campaigns
        High performance predictive dialer
        Campaign manager
        IVR and media services
        Integrated tool for reporting and open XML standard for
        integration with other tools
        Integrated agent scripting
        For clients who don’t want to invest much in developing their own solutions, software
        or hiring agents, but they are still in need of services or wish to provide contact center
        services, we can offer a several types of outsourcing:

        Outsourcing Solution
        Outsourcing Services
        Outsourcing Agents

        High flexibility of individual components and the whole system as
        well allows combination of all forms of outsourcing according to the
        client's needs at very reasonable prices.

        Keywords: Contact Center
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation