Ivan Mojsilovic , Founder at E-75 doo

Bilateral Meetings

  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (09:30 - 12.00)
  • 15.11.2012 Thursday (12:30 - 17.00)

E-75 doo have been working with startups from the day one. With huge experience gained from working with software startups, E-75 started its own line of products based on cloud technologies.

Currently E-75 is successfully running a cloud document management system called ( and working on the new cloud collaboration tool called

We are seeking for the seed funding for

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10

Phone: +381216612518


City: Novi Sad 21000,Bore Prodanovica 3/3 Google map

Areas of Activities

ICT and Electrical Engineering

    Programming Languages


      Cloud Document Management

      E-75 doo offers a Cloud Document Management system ( Built with top open sources technologies, implementing top security standards and hosted on the Amazon EC2 cloud platform.

      It brings the power of the enterprise software at the affordable prices and easy setup.

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      Cooperation Offered
      1. Technical co-operation

      Seed funding

      E-75 has been working on a new cloud collaboration tool called
      Yanado is a new collaboration tool born from desire to solve communication problems between team members, colleagues, clients etc. Some one would say: “oh another collaboration tool…”. Its true. Its another collaboration tool. But this collaboration tool is made by people that are using it.

      We took the best solutions from various tools, spiced them with our ideas and we cooked them altogether for 8 months. The result is powerful, easy to use collaboration tool called Yanado.

      We seek seed funding to create mobile applications (iOS, Android, Win8), to integrate with 3rd party services to speed up user acquisitions and to start the marketing campaigns.

      More on Yanado web site ( )

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      Cooperation Requested
      1. Investment/Financing