Miodrag Stojanovic , director at sms most

The main activity is the production and implementation of medical software that basically have patient relationship and medical facilities that it provides medical services.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10

Founding Year: 2002

Phone: +381-11-2-604-094


City: Novi Beograd 11070,Džona Kenedija 32 Google map

Areas of Activities

ICT and Electrical Engineering


      Offer & Request

      STOMIS - STOMatological Information System

      Product overview
      STOMIS - STOMatological Information System is designed to automate methodology of work and business activities of a dentist. It is its primary goal. Depending on position in overall health system it could be used as:

      − Tool for planning and follow-up activities on primary and children’s dental health care (DMF an other statistics are supported)
      − Tool for follow-up defined dental health care politics and results of its applying
      − Tool for follow-up expenses for dental supplies – materials, machines, etc.
      STOMIS is suitable for dental practices that vary in size from a small single-location, single-seat dental office to multi-site, multi-dentist dental enterprises.

      STOMIS software platform
      - Microsoft .NET technology
      - Microsoft MS SQL Server as data base server.

      STOMIS got main award Diskobolos 2005 in category public health.
      Diskobolos is award issued by “JISA - UNION OF ICT SOCIETIES OF SERBIA
      STOMIS got Grand gold medal for quality, Promodentis, Novi Sad, Serbia 2007

      In 2011 Ministry of Health issued certificate for applying STOMIS in public dental health care. It is the only one certificate for dental information systems.

      STOMIS is used as a statistical tool for many articles.
      Base article is “Applying object oriented model to tooth –Tooth class” as core part of STOMIS. Article was published on 10th Congress of the Balkan Stomatological Society BaSS May 2005.

      University Dental Clinic, Novi Sad
      Municipal Dental Health Care, Vračar, Belgrade
      Municipal Dental Health Care, Valjevo
      Municipal Dental Health Care, Lajkovac
      Municipal Dental Health Care, Mionica
      Municipal Dental Health Care, Osečina
      Municipal Dental Health Care, Ljig
      Municipal Dental Health Care, Inđija
      Dental Techniques School, Belgrade
      Private Dental Offices - Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia

      Keywords: dental software