Sinisa Prokic , Director at Denebs Solutions

Denebs Solutions specializes in Credit Scoring and Business Analytics. We select highly-demanding niche business problems that require statistical and mathematical skills and develop our products putting such requirements in the background, so that any business user can use them. Our flagship product is ScoreStar, a scoring development tool made for everybody in need of doing prediction of a binary outcome.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 1-10

Phone: +381 11 3173879


City: Belgrade 11070,Tošin bunar 188a Google map

Areas of Activities

ICT and Electrical Engineering

    Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media


        Insurance, Other Financial Services


          Partnership with risk-management oriented companies in the area of Credit Scoring and Credit Risk

          Denebs Solutions was formed in 2011, with the administrative center in Belgrade and customers and partnerships in the region. We are a credit-risk oriented IT/consulting company, now in the process of looking for partners in other markets. Ideally, you are either a risk-management oriented consultancy or IT/Banking solution provider lacking expertise in Credit Risk, looking for a complementary partner. Our target clients are banks (both in Credit Scoring and Client Relationship Management), telecommunication providers, big retailers, insurance companies who do not want to pay loads of money to major players for Business Analytics solutions.

          Keywords: BankingRisk ManagementRisk Consultancy
          Cooperation Offered
          1. Technical co-operation

          Looking for partnership in promoting ScoreStar in other markets

          ScoreStar is a Business Intelligence software application designed and optimized for scoring development and creation. It delivers a simple formula (scorecard) that is used for prediction of clients’ behavior, boiled down from a historical record of existing clients matched with their performance.

          ScoreStar is tailored to the needs of business users of banks (Credit Scoring and CRM), telecommunication providers, big retailers, insurance companies, researchers in healthcare and/or pharmaceutical industry and everybody in need of doing prediction of a binary outcome (if an event is going to happen or not) based on a historical record of existing clients or subjects of study.

          Besides a standard scorecard, an outcome of the scoring procedure is the Probability of Event (PoE; ranging from 0 to 1). It allows the user of the software to consider different strategies for subjects of study that are found different by the PoE.

          In short, a ScoreStar user is equipped to minimize risk, increase response rates, curtail customer attrition, anticipate demand and detect fraud.

          User interface type of ScoreStar is wizard, making it, although complex underneath, extremely easy to use. The software makes extensive use of graphical representation tools, which make scoring development and model assessment comfortable and intuitive.

          ScoreStar features a school of scoring development neatly integrated into the process.

          ScoreStar is based on advanced mathematically optimized algorithms that take the maximum out of data and free the user from having to handle the underlying statistical issues. Years of scoring development, scorecard expertise and experience were built into the software.

          Keywords: ScoreStarScoring DevelopmentCredit ScoringBusiness Analytics